Midland Fields, Staten Island

There are two schools bounded by three Vision Zero Priority corridors.

Why we chose this site: These dangerous corrdidors are Midland Avenue (101 reported injuries due to car crashes in the past five years), Lincoln Avenue (81 injuries), and Hylan Boulevard (also known as Staten Island’s "Boulevard of Death" as it accounts for nearly one-third of SI’s traffic deaths since 2012).

💡 We say: It doesn't have to be this way

This is one of the most dangerous sites in New York City. Simplifying the intersections significantly reduce conflict points while creating an expansive new pedestrian plazas with enough space for secure bike parking, trees, and seasonal or temporary programming.


📣 Actionable design recommendations

Based on the needs and problems that we heard from Transportation Alternatives members in Staten Island, here are the top three implementation-focused strategies we recommend for this site — explored above in the video and below in more detail.

rendering of midland ave with bike lanes and median bike parking

1. Put pedestrians first

Improve pedestrian experience for children and parents in this area by increasing visibility of crosswalks, widening sidewalks, and adding new lighting.

2. Secure safe routes to schools

Children, parents, teachers, and staff at the two schools nearby stand to see less traffic congestion, significantly lower levels of air pollution, reduced street noise, and more walking and biking to school. Design safer school pickup and drop offs by adding midblock crossings where there are long distances between intersections. New York City’s Safe Routes to Schools program has reduced school-age injury rates in high-risk intersections by 33 to 44 percent.

rendering of large crosswalk on midland avenue
rendering of midland with big crosswalk and center median bike parking

3. Preventing speeding prevents crashes

Traffic-calming techniques such as speed tables, humps, medians, bollards use the streetscape itself to make traveling at safe speeds intuitive while protecting vulnerable road users. By preventing speeding, they decrease the likelihood and severity of crashes, reduce the need for enforcement, and encourage the use of sustainable modes like walking and biking.

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