Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is the site of high levels of traffic violence, especially at complex intersections such as Flatbush Avenue, Fort Greene Place, and 4th Avenue.

Why we chose this site: This dangerous 117-foot wide corridor is bordered by huge crowds on narrow sidewalks, and while there are Citi Bike stations, there is no protected bike infrastructure.

💡 We say: It doesn't have to be this way

This is one of the most dangerous sites in New York City. Simplifying the intersections significantly reduce conflict points while creating an expansive new pedestrian plazas with enough space for secure bike parking, trees, and seasonal or temporary programming.


📣 Actionable design recommendations

Based on the needs and problems that we heard from Transportation Alternatives members across the city who spend time along Atlantic Avenue, here are the top three implementation-focused strategies we recommend for this site — explored above in the video and below in more detail.

rendering of atlantic and flatbush ave with bus and bike lanes

1. Reclaim Flatbush Avenue as space for people

This is one of the most dangerous sites in New York City. We propose closing off of the slip lane at Flatbush to simplify the overall intersection and add back half an acre of space as public space. A two-way cycle track adds much-needed access for the numerous Citi Bike stations already sited here, and secure bike storage lowers the barrier for people to ride their own bicycles to the subway. A transit priority lane prevents many connecting bus lines from sitting in congestion.

2. Expand and reconnect Lowry Triangle

Today, Lowry Triangle abuts a complex intersection on a corridor with high levels of traffic violence, pollution, flooding, and with little greenery. By reimagining this area, we can simplify the intersection, expand and reconnect the park, and create space for greenery that will absorb and minimize pollutants, noise, floodwater, and summer heat.

rendering of protected bike lanes and more green space
rendering of bike super highway on atlantic

3. Opportunity for NYC’s first protected intersection and bike super highway

The overwhelming majority of cyclist fatalities and serious injuries occur at intersections. This could be the site of the city’s first fully protected intersection, separating cyclists from turning vehicles and reducing the probability of vehicle-bicycle crashes by 45%. We also propose using extra street width to build a beautiful center-running bike super highway.

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